How the past shapes the present: Educators highlight the importance of teaching Black History

Feb. 25, 2020– Duval County teachers are doing their part to teach Black History in the classroom, and it’s happening across all grade levels.

Students are learning about everything from African Americans who became prominent figures during the Civil Rights Movement to injustices that took place during major wars.

“It’s really important because without people like them, today we would still be in a world where they (our ancestors) had to suffer,” said Jordan Sanders, Fifth-Grade Student, Biscayne Elementary School.

You’ll also find students participating in Black History team building exercises ranging from group quizzes to watching videos and PowerPoint presentations.

“This is such a blessing. I think it’s extremely important because that’s our culture, that’s where we came from, and we also need to learn about our history, so that we can make way for our future,” said Jasmine Delphonse, Fifth-Grade Student, Biscayne Elementary School.

Team Duval sat down with some teachers and students to talk about what they are teaching and learning, and the important role Black History plays in the curriculum throughout the school year. Watch this video to experience Black History in the classroom.

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