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Black History Month

Beyond checking a box – Going deeper with African American history

Feb. 9, 2021 – TiLena Robinson remembers sitting down with a group of Duval students recently to discuss their experience with how black history was taught in their classrooms. It was enlightening, said Robinson, a social studies specialist with the district. “We’ve done student surveys where the feedback was very positive regarding how diverse histories […]

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Terry Parker High helps lead Florida Black History Curriculum Project

  March 3, 2020- Chemistry students at Terry Parker High School are making history as they are delving into studying African American History over the course of a six-month project. “We’re making a direct connection to the life of a pharmacist and what an African American individual went through to get to that state (as a […]

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How the past shapes the present: Educators highlight the importance of teaching Black History

Feb. 25, 2020– Duval County teachers are doing their part to teach Black History in the classroom, and it’s happening across all grade levels. Students are learning about everything from African Americans who became prominent figures during the Civil Rights Movement to injustices that took place during major wars. “It’s really important because without people […]

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